Deionized water is used to improve the quality and efficiency of detergents in production of various types of detergent products.


Vitamin B5 (Dipenthenol), vitamins A, F, and E are among the vitamins used in the healthcare industry in the field of skin and hair care, and they help with smooth, strengthen, heal and protect skin and hair.


Glycerin is a substance that due to the presence of 3 hydroxyl groups, dissolved in water in each ratio.
Glycerin is sweet, clear, colorless, and sticky. Pure glycerin is used in pharmaceutical and for the production of lotions and facial creams.


Polyquaternium-10 (PQ-10) is one such cationic polymer that has coating effect on hair and increases the smoothness of it. It also causes the reduction of combing forces, increasing the moisture content of hair.


Guar is whitish-yellow powder that is one such cationic polymer. It covers the surface of the hair and makes hair shiny and easy to comb and reduces the static electricity.


Silicone as a mineral substance is really useful in hair, skin and nails care. Silicone has a protective effect on hair and increases flexibility and smoothness of the skin and hair, covering the surface the surface of them.


Lactate is a salt or ester of lactic acid. It is one of the derivatives of milk that increases skin's softness and moisture, removes the dead skin layers and makes it soft and delicate.


Shea Butter extract is rich in valuable ingredients such as unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins E and D, pro vitamin, and alentin. This compound has astonishing effects on skin and protects the skin against UV rays and reduces skin wrinkles.


Urea enhances the flexibility of dry and hardened skin cells and allows underlying cells to absorb moisture, as well as prevents evaporation water from the surface of the skin and increases the moisture content of the upper layers of the skin.